Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lent has begun!

Lent has begun!  I’m always amazed after Christmas at how far away Lent seems to be and then just like that…it’s Ash Wednesday and Lent is in full swing!

What are you doing for Lent this year?  Have you even really thought about how important the Lenten season can be in our lives?

If you do nothing else during this Lenten season, I recommend that you read Pope Francis’ Lenten Message for 2015.  It can be accessed by clicking here.

The theme of the Papal Message this year is “Make your hearts firm.”  Pope Francis tells the world that “Lent is a time of renewal for the whole Church.”  And above all it is a “time of grace.”  He goes on to say, “Lent is a favorable time for letting Christ serve us so that we in turn may become more like him.”

Happy Lent!

Robin Swank

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Parish Survey

Dear Parishioners,

We need your help in taking no more than 5 minutes to complete a brief survey so we can learn from parishioners like you, as to how we can continue to serve our parish better. 

Thank you in advance from completing the survey, it is our intention that one member from each household complete the survey.

Fr. John Dolan

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Congratulations to all the St. Michael Religious Education, School, and Youth Ministry students who recently received their First Reconciliation.