Tuesday, April 30, 2013


   As you read this column, the funeral of Msgr. Michael Coughlan has been completed on April 16.  I continue to reflect on his contributions to St. Michael’s and to the city of Poway.  During his 60+ years of priesthood, Msgr. Coughlan was a dedicated and wonderful example of a true disciple.  He approached ministry as a call to loving service.  As a pioneer of Poway he served so well with love for the Gospel and the people of God.  He proved by his words and actions that a parish was a place of belonging and family life.  His theme for St. Michael’s was service to all in need.  He became a prime example of what the Vatican Council called all priests to be - a Pastor of souls!

   During my years (12) here at this great parish, I was fortunate to receive loving guidance from Msgr. Coughlan.  He never failed to assist me with his advice and support.  His vision for St. Michael’s set the example for me about the meaning of pastoral ministry.  I will continue to seek his advice in my prayers.  Please remember Msgr. Coughlan in your prayers.                                               

Msgr. Neal Dolan

Prayer for Pope Francis:

   Holy Spirit, look with favor upon our new Holy Father, Pope Francis as he begins his mission as Shepherd of the Universal Church.  May he be a holy servant, a strong leader, and a faith-filled guardian of the teachings of Jesus Christ.
   As the Vicar of Christ and successor of St. Peter, may he be filled with zeal for the truth and may his heart be filled with deep compassion and love for the least ones among us. 
   May he experience your peace and grace in abundance, as you pour forth upon him the gifts of wisdom, understanding, wonder and awe, counsel, knowledge, fortitude, and piety.
   Holy Spirit bless and watch over our new Pope as we begin this new journey of faith together. We ask these things through Christ, our Lord.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Sincere Gratitude and Continued Thanks

Sincere Gratitude...

I'm so grateful to all that responded to Bishop Brom's Annual Catholic Appeal. Through the generosity of individuals as well as families (including some very large donations), we have reached our goal of $100,000! It's clear to me that many of you reached deep to make the sacrifice. God's blessings for your generous support!

Continued Thanks...

To those registering to attend our Spring Gala - Thank you, thank you, thank you! It will be such a privilege for me to celebrate my 75th birthday with you. Remember this is a party for all that had a birthday during the past year. Prizes will be given month by month in special drawings. The food and fun is guaranteed! The drawing of the Double 5K raffle will assist us in our debt for the beautiful Holy Family Center. Remember our fundraisers are for the porpose of paying our debt, so the celebrations benefit us and the parish.

In summary - thanks to all that support this parish. It brings joy to all and brings many benefits to this great parish.

Sincerely in Christ,
Msgr. Neal Dolan


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